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1. Please be respectful. We are all here for the same purpose, so fighting seems a little pointless. NO and I mean no Out Of Character(OoC) drama when In Character(IC). If you have a problem with someone or something, please contact the Mods. No Public Bashing of Characters or the people that play them. We find that very unrespectful.

2. Only characters from the Harry Potter books may be used. We no longer allow Original Characters. There are plenty of characters in the Harry Potter Universe to choose from so there should be no OCs.

3. Each player may play up to four(4) characters only. There needs to be characters for others.

4. Please be kind and talk to new characters. Make them welcomed and make this game more fun and less drama.

5. You should have read all of the books so you know what is going on at this point (after HBP and DH).

6. Use of Journals: Posting should be as such: 3rd person for actions in the RPG forum, and 1st for speaking in your journal. Your character journal is used as though your character has a magical diary. Post all entries but if it's private, put a note. The same goes for Friends only posts. If only the Slytherins can see your post, then note that. ALSO: Avoid involving characters that aren't yours in your character's post, or describing another person’s actions. This is GODMODDING.

7. While YOU are omnipotent in the RPG, your CHARACTER is not. If your character shows knowledge of something that they should likely not know, you must prove through logs or posts that they learned the information in character. Otherwise, the information will be judged in character as a lie, and will be treated as such.

8. Murder, Suicide and MPreg aren’t allowed. Yes, Harry Potter is a magical world, but men still can’t get pregnant.

9. If a character you want has left and had story line, please contact the majority of the people that that character had contact with and see if the story line should be continued or not. If any questions, please contact a mod. This is important for major characters.

10. If you are going to take a MAJOR character, please have the time to really be that character. It's not fair to take a character you don't have the time for.

11. If you are taking a hiatus, please mark it in your journal and come up with a reason for your character to be taking leave off of work. Please post this so we don't accidentally smite your character.

12. Check the Calendar page every so often to see if anything has been added to the calendar. There will be certain days when events happen (Quidditch matches, Random Happenings...) and you will want to know about them for your character!

13. Make sure to put a disclaimer into your journal's profile(this is mandatory!!!) and try to put it into your AIM profile as well. It gets a bit irritating when people message you and they are all 'OMGZ! SO AND SO!' so if this occurs, please contact a mod and we'll try to sort it out.

14. You may use AIM, Yahoo, MSN, thread or any other messenger to talk to other characters, but please post all conversations between characters in the community, under a cut for length. All posts should be posted like this:

15. You must post at least once a week or you will be put on a warning list. If you have not posted at least once over two weeks (without notice to a mod/working it into the plot), then you will be removed from the community. This is our attempt at keeping everyone involved. This does not mean start a new thread, either continue an existing thread or post to your characters journal.

16. Any problems should be taken directly to the mods via AIM, email or personal journal: Christina defyordinary on AIM at Noet00 or defy0rdinary or Arielle aylaranzz on AIM at Aylaranzz.

17. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. A second offense will put you on probation. A third offense will have you removed from the community. All new players are on a one-month probationary period. Players will be removed from the community if they: (1)break rules, (2)have Marysue characters, (3)show no ability to write well, or (4)create relevant and interesting plots.

18. If you read and understand these rules please place "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" in the subject line of your e-mail application.

Lastly, just have fun and try to keep back on the drama. No one enjoys it.
Us Mods are very easy to talk to, so if anything bothers you or you have questions, fill free to message us, we don't bite.

Rules are subject to change, meaning more might be added on only if the mods agree.

Your Mods,
Arielle and Christina
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